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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

I have to love this fellow for trying...

This is a copy of an actual letter received by my mother when she worked in car sales at Star Motors in Lusaka, in the 1970s.

13th April 1977
 Rabson C. Mukoko
Miseshi School
PO Box 2392
Kitwe, Zambia

Dear Sir please Mrs Wendy.

Please send me mercedes-Benz car?
I repeat again send me mercedes Benz
car home delivery scheme. I am
interesting  please trust me
you see    Don't forced (fooled? forget?)

yours faithfully
my name is
R. C. mukoko

Send fast agent please BY AIR 
mail  OK

We spent a long time laughing over this. Thank you Rabson, wherever you are. It seems like he doesn't have an internet presence now.

I wonder whether Rabson had an English lesson in which he decided to write this letter, and whether he discussed it with his classmates at Miseshi School. Perhaps he dreamed of the day that shiny new Mercedes Benz would arrive by airmail outside the school gates. "Rabson Mukoko? Special air mail delivery for you via the car home delivery scheme. Sign here please." Perhaps he waited by the gates for weeks afterwards, watching the Mercedes cars drive by...

Ah, bless.