Saturday, 28 March 2015

A postcard from Lusaka

Just a quick postcard from Lusaka dated July 1964

Scenes around Lusaka

June, Pat, Colin and David write to the Henshaws in Derbyshire  

Quite a lot of the buildings in town centre have been built recently so are very modern. There is plenty of parking space near the shops so you don't have to carry shopping very far. There is no bus service so most people have one or two cars.

These days you would struggle to find parking in Lusaka. Most people wouldn't do their shopping in the town centre and would rather use one of the out of town supermarkets. One lane of Cairo Road is pretty much used for parking places, and parking wardens collect parking fees as well. There are plenty of minibuses and taxis, though not much used by expatriates. Even now, 'most people' do not have one or two cars.

Apart from Cairo Road (and Greatermans store, I don't remember that) you can see the old airport, the Ridgeway Hotel, the cenotaph in front of the secretariat building and the railway station.

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