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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lusaka Theatre Club, 1970

Here is a little tribute to the Lusaka Theatre Club and their production of the Sound of Music in Christmas 1970, the year, we are reminded by the programme, in which Zambia prepared to go metric. We were living near the Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka, but we would soon move to Makeni. I might have been in this production (my brother, Pierre was), but the rehearsals were just a bit too late.

The Concert Orchestra was the 2nd Battalion Zambia Regiment.

Above are some scans from the programme, and here is a list of names of people involved.

Washard Banda
Elizabeth Barr
Gavin Barr
Timoth Barr
Anita Behal
Harry Beeley
Chris Bell
Janet Bell
Nan Bell
Sharon Bell
Ruth Bond
Sylvia Bowler
Ian Brockbank
Gillian Burgess
Tom Burgess

Benita Campbell
Debbie Campbell
Stephen Campbell
Molly Care
Paul Campbell
Peter Cheese
Jane Chipendale
Barbara Cook
Martin Cook

Kerry Dalton
John De Goede
Mary De Goede
Peter Denmark
Pauline Denmark
Pierre Dil
Betty Dowling
Edumund Dowling (producer)
Ted Dowling
Ethel Drever
Heather Drummond
Jean Drummond
Perry Dutfield

Glyn Ellis (musical director)

Bill Fazakerly

Eileen Galloway
J. Glyn (Dr)
Norma Glyn
Patricia Glyn
Valerie Green

Dorothy Haile
Daphne Hall
Mandy Hannen
Patrick Hannen
Gillian Harries
Brian Harvey
Marcel Harvey
Rosemary Harvey
Ross Hill
Tony Hobbs
Vera Hobbs
Karen Hoffmeyer
Gwynneth Howard
Norma Huston

Mary Jezzard
Anne Johns
Stephen Johnstone
Reg Jones

Dave King
Nicolina Kalulu

Anne Laming
Dot Laming
Sandra Langman
Heidi Lunde

Shirley Mair
Gordon MacQueen
Sandra Manning
Lynn Mayoss
Lt Col. Mibenge (2nd Bn Zambi Regt)
Brett Miles
Terry Miles
Norma Mitchell
Hilary Mear
Timothy Mufibwa
Jennifer Musk

Bruce Nixon

Mandy Philo

Fenella Redway
Veronica Redway
Doreen Rowbottom

Martyn Sadler
Diana Scott
Sarah Scott
Elizabeth Searle
Jennifer Sharp
Eddie Smith
Ted Spain
Richard Starnes
Valerie Starnes
Deborah Stevens

Tony Tiffin (Cartoons and programme design)

Rosemary Van Eck

Janice Ward
Anne Watson
Janet Weller
Alison White
Andrew White
David White
Peter White
Ian Whittaker
Anne Wilkie
Jackie Willday
Marguerite Williamson
Jeff Wilson