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So this was Lusaakas

So This was Lusaakas is an excellent history of Lusaka - and there are not a lot of them - by Richard Sampson, covering up to independence in 1964. This book lists many early and or prominent names.

The earliest visitors are Portuguese, mentioned below, drawn from the introduction to the book.

My references come from the second, enlarged edition, 1971

Here is a brief and random timeline drawn from the book

Lusaka is named after a "minor Lenje headman" who had a village in the area. It was originally known as Lusaka's village, or Lusaaka's, village, but more often written Lusakas or Lusaakas.

1906 Railway arrives from the south
1910 Lusaka School is in operation, photo
1912 meeting about state of Lusaka School, deputation to Livingstone
The school is "kept by several colonial and Dutch girls for the surrounding farmers' children... .A mud house, swarming with white ants," See elsewhere on this blog for a list of pupils at the school.
1913 Decision to form Lusaka township 4 January, name Lusaka starts to become more prevalent.
1913 "number of indigent Dutch" arriving, known as "bywoner", 100 families were passing
through Livingstone en route to Lusaka
1913 Agricultural society established with a view to having agricultural shows
1914 Cape to Cairo cars pass through Lusaka
1917 First car
1920 First aeroplane flies over, nearest runway at Kabwe
1926 Disastrous floods
1928 Luburma Market south of independence avenue
1930 Shortlist of Chilanga, site north of Emmasdale, and present site discussed for Lusaka city
1930 August 8, Lusaka becomes township, 9000 acres, government administration moves from Chilanga
1931 Boma near site of Mwaiseni stores, first amateur dramatic society formed
1932 Northern Rhodesia Regiment has garrison in Lusaka
1933 A post office is built, Chamber of Commerce established. The post office blows a noon bugle to help people keep time.
1935 May, completion of Lusaka as capital city, openings of buildings,
1935 first agricultural show (moved from Kafue), but show remains in Kafue until 1939
1950 power cut from 7-12 April, as power station gives up; known as Black Easter

Photos include Lusaka shopping centre 1916, train station, Church Rd 1932, Boma 1928, Cairo Rd 1920s, floods 1926.

Cairo Road looking south about 1931

Church Road from Cairo Road in 1929

Copeman, Lewis, Miller, Hudson, Salmon
Here are most of the names that occur, I omitted a couple of famous visitors.

Adshead, Professor, 1930, from London to plan town p.54, 81
Allison, Mr. T.S., 1914, p.42-43
Baker, S.J., 1923, p.48
Banbury, Cecil p.19
Banbury, Jack and wife p.17
Bartlett, stenographer, 1930, town planning p.45
Baxter, Dr, 1914, p.37, 41
Beit, Alfred, 1913 fund, p.34
Berrington, Q.T., agricultural show committee, 1913, p.33
Bishop, Mr. (Chilanga, 1906) p.14
Blumenthal, Herman, 1920, p.47
Bok, Dr and Mrs, 1914, p.41
Botha, General (prime minister, SA) 1914, p.41
Brown, John, 1913, p.31, 33
Brown, (N.R.P. NR Police?) p.41
Burkitt, Mr. 1913, p.35
Cameron, Verney Lovett (Commander), 1875, p.4
Carinus, Mr., 1914, p.43
Carruthers, Jack (prospector) 1902, p.10
Chifunda, witnessed Fairbanks death, 1900, p.8-9
Cobham, Alan (flight, England to Cape and back), p.48
Copeman, E.A. District Commissioner, Chilanga 1908 p.15, 35
Coryndon, Major (adminstrator NW Rhodesia) p.10,14
Counsells Hotel, later Lusaka hotel, photo 1926
Cunliffe, Pickersgill, Cape to Cairo, 1914, p.40
Cunningham, Major Boyd, 1914, mentions farm "Makeni", p.35, 42-43
Da Costa, Joaquim (Sitanda, 1811) p.3
Dean, R.B. 1917, 1959, Pauling and Company, p.12,14,15, 45, 48
Diogo, Manoel (Batoka Plateau, 1878) p.3
Dobree, Mr., acting governor, 1930, p.55
Draper, Mr (assistant magistrate, Chilanga, 1912) p.25
Dunbar, Albert, farmer 1923, named "Cairo Road", p48
Duthie, Mr. p34
Earl-Spurr, Col N.O., 1920, named Chelston, p.47, 88
Erlank, S.A., named and developed Roma, p.88,
Fairbairn, 1914 farmer, p.25
Fairbanks (Canada or USA, suicide under attack, 1900) p.8
Ferreira, Mr. P. 1913, p.29-33, 42
Ferreira, Jao Baptista, 1875, p.4
Fisher, Livingstone 1913 Fisher & Shelmerdine p.24
Fourie, town management board, 1912, p.26
Freitas 1853 p.3
Francesco, Anastario 1802, 1811 p.3
Geldenhuis, Rev, minister Dutch Reformed Church p.20
Geldenhuys, J.J., 1906 coming north followed by about 20 Afrikaaner settlers p.14
Gerrard, Mr. 1930, p.55
Gibbons, Col, p.42
Glasser, Mr. Benjamin, 1908, first business in Lusaka p.14-15, 26
Godson, F.P. (Mazabuka, 1936) p.5
Hall, Gibson, native commissioner, 1923, p.48
Haslett, Sam, 1920, Lusaka, Mazabuka, Kalomo, Choma, p.47
Hone, Evelyn
Hook, G.B. (Major) 1902, Victoria Falls area, p.13
Hudson, Major (hardback edition photo)
Jameson, Dr Starr, 1913, president of BSA (Sir Leander Starr Jameson?) p.33-36, 40
Jose, Anastario 1802, 1811 p.3
Kelsey, Captain R.N., Cape to Cairo, 1914, killed by a leopard, Serenje p.40
Kennedy, Mr. 1930, p.55
King, Mr. mill owner p.23, 33
Kollenberg, Mr., second business in Lusaka / Plumtree, 1909, p.14-15, 26
Lacerda, Dr. 1798 Portuguese p.3
Laubuschagne, Mr (Kalomo, absent from school meeting, 1912) p.27
Lewis, E.A. (hardback edition photo)
Leyer, G.M. (assistant magistrate, Chilanga, 1912) p.26
Lipawsky, Mrs. (Lusaka Trading Company) p.23
Lipowsky, Mr. p.26
Liphschild, Mr. G. 1943, p.66
MacKinnon, Mr. 1913, p.35, 38
Malan, Dr. chairing school meeting 1912, p.27
Manners, Mr. 1912, p.26
Marapodi, Marrapodi, Mr. G.B., Italian, Kalomo, to Lusaka in 1911, photo of advertisement at back, p.37, 44, 46
Maturin, Mrs Fred. (sufragette from England; Lusaka, Livingstone 1910) p.16,20
Marshland of Paulings (?) p.12
Marston, I.L., p36
Marston I.J., p.43
Marston, Mr. L.J. hotel licence July 1912, p.23, 26, 41
Marston's Hotel 1912, p.25
Maxwell, inspector 1929, p.53
Miller, Bruce (hardback edition photo)
Morton, Mr. Percy c.1911, imported first motor car, c. 1917, p.44,45
Mello, Jose 1795 p.3
Molyneux, M.C.F. (Government, 1931 - Munali pass road named after him) p.5
Moore, Leopold (editor Livingstone Mail, 1914), p.20,24, 55
Oosthuizen, J.F.M. p.29-31, 34, 43, 87
Oosthuizen, Emma, p.87
Ousthuizen, (J?) 1902 coming north met Hook p.14, 27, 34
Owen, L.M. 1877 p.6
O'Flaherty p.19
Papenfus, Pepenfus, L.N., Dutch, 1914, p.25, 30, 33, 34
Pelly, Dr Huntley 1914 p.25, 36
Pereira, Goncalo 1796 p.3
Phillips, Mr. H., 1914, p.41
Pinto, Serpa 1878 p.4
Porto, Silva 1853/4 p.3
Rich, Mr, 1932, p.61
Rosazza, Mr, C. 1911, p.44
Roucher, J. agricultural show committee, 1913, p.33
Royalance, Geo., p.36
de Sanetenna, Jose Anselmo (Luangwa trader, 1860-61) p.3
Salmon, Lt. (NR Police) hardback edition photo
Sears, Mr, town management board, 1912, p.26
Selous, F.C. 1877 p.6
Shelmerdine, Livingstone, Fisher & Shelmerdine, 1913, p.24
Shippard, C.C. 1914, arriving by train, p.24 attending Venter vs Venter
Simmons, Detective Inspector, 1932, p.58
Smith, "Bongolo", illiterate, died a millionaire, c.1920, p.47
Smuts, Rev. A.J. secretary, school meeting, 1912, p.27
Sillitoe, Percy, policeman, later knighted p.37
Standish-White, Surgeon Captain (photo in hardback edition)
Stephenson, J.E. "Chiripula", Mkushi, 1900 p.7
Sousa, Felisberto (Lealui, 1871), p.4
Tailyour, Renny, laying out site for Lusaka, 1913, p.26
Thompson, R. Moffat, magistrate Venter vs Venter, p.24, 35-37
Thompson, J. Moffat, p.43
Townsend, Mr S.F. of Bulawayo, resident engineer, named Lusaka according to R.B. Dean, 1906 p.12
Uys, Mr. J. (farmer, 1949) p.13
Varian, H.F. (railway construction, 1906, arrival in Lusaka p.12
Venter, (vs Venter court case) 1914, p.24, 27
Walker's drift, Livingstone 1913 p.28
Wallace, Mrs. p.35
Warriner, Charlie, Public Works Dept, p.38-39
Wener, Werner, Mr, mill owner with King, p.23, 25
Werner, H.C. 1914 farmer p.25
Wessels, Mr. (Farm auctioned by Fisher & Shelmerdine, 1913) p.24
West, Mr. C. p.41
Westbeech, George, 1875, p.4
Willis, Mr. 1914, arriving by train, p.24, 32, 34
Wilson, Col. E.M., 1914, p.40
Woest, Ben bought Wessel's farm, 1913, p.24
Worthington, F.V., Acting secretary BSA, Livingstone, 1913 p. iv

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