Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Livingstone war memorial

This plaque and memorial is located near the Victoria Falls, Livingstone and records names of Rhodesian and Northern Rhodesian soldiers and police.

Unveiled to the Glory of God
In Memory of Brave Men
H.R.H.Prince Arthur of Connaught
August 1923

H.G. Machell

D.S. MacKnight
P.H. McGreor
G. McKnight
D.C. McMillan
J. Merber
J. Minshall
H. Nisbet
H.F. North
E.W. Osborne
G. Palmer
K.D. Peacock
H.C. Pearce
H.S. Plant
J.M.F.C Pound
D.A.C. Russell
T.L. Russell
M. Ryan
F.G. de Satge
C.H. Saureman
T.R.L. Savory
C. Sell
N. Sinclair
C.M. Sing
H.H. Smith
A.J. Smith
A. Soames
W. Stevens
H.J.M. Stuart
H.W. Tarbutt
J.C. Taylor
R.J.F Urquhart
A. J. Warren
G.F. Watherston
W.W. Waugh
E.G. Williams
J. Wilson
D.A. Wood

Also 102 Askari whose names are recorded on the NR Police Memorial at Livingstone, also many other natives of the territory of whose names no complete record exists.

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