Some useful internet resources

This is a selection of resources I've found useful or interesting. I hope they may help someone else as well.

LDS Church

Interesting (beta) developments in the LDS search technologies can be found here.

You can keep tabs on progress on the massive indexing project underway over here ... and why not do your bit too?


There are several good sites to find out of print books. Here is one


Most of us probably know about google's translation service by now. What you may not be aware of is a neat little plugin for firefox called gtranslate. The great thing about this is that you can right click on a word or highlighted phrase and see it translated using google in a pop-up window.

And for longer pages, it's hard to beat chrome, which automatically detects that you are reading a page in another language from your default, and offers to translate it for you. Lovely...

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 seems to have been a long time coming, but it does seem to be happening a bit...

I've been having a go with OpenCalais, which I am not having too much luck with. It is supposed to help identify names and places, amongst other things, on web pages. Fortunately, there is a firefox plugin that uses OpenCalais to do exactly this. It's called Gnosis, and it's worth a try.

It colourfully underlines a number of items on the page. Green for names, pink for occupations (?) and red for countries... Unfortunately it doesn't seem to cope with the format Surname, Name. And of course it may guess wrong, such as suggesting Austin is a place when it's someone's name.

When you hover over an item it brings up a list of places you can search for that item, including LinkedIn, facebook, google and wikipedia.  Perhaps its most useful aspect is help in spotting names on a page. And one hopes that as OpenCalais improves, so this service may improve as well, so it's worth keeping an eye on.


A bit more time trawling the Internet Archive turned up the following:

This is The Story of Rhodesia, published in 1937 by the British South Africa Company. Quite a few names listed in here as well. Worth a look.

And this History of Rhodesia, with an index

Selous' Sunshine and Storm

And here's a tome on the Imperial Yeomanry in South African and Rhodesia

Rhodesian Genesis

A rare thing, an edition of Abercornucopia

And there's plenty more if you type in some good search terms...

Daybreak in Livingstonia

Google news

Another news archive that is worth a look.

The above is also interesting because it links into google's new timeline search and tells you something about the different sources you can use in that search. See more about the google timeline search here

Some more URLS

Note also the Rhodesiana pdfs here, including, e.g. No.7 mentioning the old drift - browsing by category is interesting, e.g. by geography

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