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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Chilumbulu Road grave, Lusaka

I'm back from another trawl of Lusaka, replete with more photos to share. I heard there was a lone grave on Chilumbulu Road and so set off to find it. Eventually it was spotted on a patch of wasteland, surely once an attractive spot, with a line of trees bordering the road suggesting that here was once someone's home or perhaps a farm. However, this is speculation. All I can say is that now it is little more than a public tip, with piles of smouldering smoking waste, criss-crossed by paths. And in the midst of this is a lone grave - as far as I could tell, just the one. There was some text on the cross, but it was hard to make out any letters.

The approximate location of this stone (as determined by hunting on google earth) is  15°26'53.38"S,  28°19'44.53"E.

It is a little way east of Libala Secondary School (which was looking quite decent from the outside).  Nobody I spoke to had any idea whose grave this is. Does anyone know? The first row seems to include the letters OM and the digits .7.45. The second row has the letters (R?) M (IN?) and the number 18.

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