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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Last Kafue gravestones

This is my last Kafue graveyard posting. I decided to go up to 1970 (or so) and stop there, but I have photos of many later gravestones. If you are interested in a particular one, ask me and I'll see if I have it, though I'm aware that I did not get them all, as it was a particularly hot day!

General views of the graveyard can be seen here:

In this posting:

1. Van de Schyff / Schoeman, 1931
2. Birnard Stewart 1932
3. John Darg-Fraser, d 1934
4. Rossiter d 1916
5. Martha Muller, 1928
6. Hercules Muller, 1928


1. In loving memory of my dear wife, and our mother, Anna H. F. v. d. SCHYFF , born 22 Dec 1892,  died 26 April  1931.

2. To the loving memory of Birnard, infant son of Mr and Mrs J. R. Stewart, born at Kafue 20th June 1931, died at Lusaka 9th June, 1932. "Thy will be done."

3. John Darg-Fraser d. 19th March 1934
Presumably (given the unusual name) related to
"MRS. J. FRASER, 1895 or earlier Christian names Euphemia Darg. This lady had a son, Eon Roderick Davidson, born in Salisbury on 27/9/95. Her husband, John Fraser, was a mining engineer. Information, the Cathedral, Salisbury, Baptismal Register, Vol I, National Archives." As mentioned here under Rhodesian Pioneers.

4. W. L. Rossiter, died 22 Jan 1916

Could this be the same Rossiter mentioned in 'Showtime' (see elsewhere on this blog), an Australian who worked with a Higginson from Lancaster , in 1912, 'who traded grain along the banks of the [Kafue] river for 200 miles, using a small whaling boat left over from the railway construction and the steel hull of a launch brought out by the Rhodesian Copper Company for the Sable Antelope mine north of Mumbwa, but never used because of the rapids'.

I imagined these two Mullers must have been related. Perhaps someone will know them.
5. In loving memory of my darling daughter Martha Elizabeth Petronella Muller, born Sept 14 1909, died Feb 26, 1928, R.I.P.
6. Hercules Pitrus Muller, died Feb 18th 1928, aged 36 years, which makes him born around 1892.

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  1. I am looking for an ancestor from Zambia, His name is Langson Mandwe. I know nothing about him other than he was from Chirundu Zambia and Married a Zimbabwean named Margaret Chipo Gutuza. His Zimbabwean visa expired and he had to return to his country some time before 1966. He was never heard from again. I can not find this name anywhere. If you happen to come across it on a tomb stone please let me know.


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