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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Some more Kafue gravestones

Here are a few more Kafue gravestones photos taken in 2011.

General views of the graveyard can be seen here

1. Irving Michael Gouldie, "Buddy" 1934-1962

2. "Urmila" d. 24th April 1965

3. Emily Surtees, daughter of Robert Watson Surtees, of Tynemouth and Newcastle upon Tyne, wife of Charles Light of London, d. 18th Oct 1939

4. In ever fond memory of Francis Elizabeth Crumplin, dearly loved wife of Arthur William Crumplin, died Jan 20th 1937.

5. George Mackain Seaton, 1903-1971. There are one or two likely hits if you google.

6. In loving memory of John and Elizabeth Markley, died June 1970, R.I.P.

7. In loving memory of the late councillor Ruth Nkausu who died on 18.10.1970

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