Monday, 22 March 2010

Gilbert and Jean Rennie Schools

The Gilbert and Jean Rennie Schools were established in the early fifties in Lusaka, in the Kabulonga area. After independence the schools became Kabulonga Boys and Kabulonga Girls. You can see them quite clearly on Google Earth!  Check facebook for some groups.

Some kind soul (I think this is Chris Waller) has posted some school magazines from the Rennie days. There are many photos of sports teams, sports records, and names from the boys school from 1957-1962.  The magazines also include some great advertisements for local businesses, and some 'where are they now' type entries regarding students who have already left the school, 'Old Rennians'.


  1. Anton:
    My name is Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe - Lozi Royal - family historian and filmmaker - I stumbled across your blog - I wanted to introduce myself with the hope of using some of your research on projects coming up in the near future. I live between Windhoek, Lusaka and Pittsburgh, USA - I hope you are well.
    Best, my email is or you can also find me at
    M. Wabei

  2. Welcome! Genealogy and history are collaborative efforts and I am happy to share :-)

  3. Anton ,

    My Name is Mutepa Kamoto , Marketing Personality , writer and Real Estate Enrepreneur.

    The passion i have for history of this country , to see , touch and read actual facts of generations before me , never goes un told.

    I have spent the last 45 minutes on this site and i want to see more!

    Am so interested in old pictures of the oldest infrastructure in this country! Old pictures of the main roads in the country!

    Please email me on

    Lets exchange notes.




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