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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Peugeot Guide to Lusaka

The Peugeot Guide to Lusaka by Geoffrey Williams, my edition 1983

Junction of Church Rd and Cairo Rd. in 1948 with Moreton's
Store on the right. Thatcher and Hobson's business is on the
site of the post office. The farmer's cooperative is
in the foreground.
There are some great photos... Glasser's store, Moreton's store, Kollenberg & Son, Counsell's hotel, and a picture of the original school before its restoration.

There is excellent information on town planning, development and geology.

This book mentions that the early trading community was "strongly Jewish in its composition.... In 1918 of the thirteen stores listed ... seven were owned by Jews of mainly Russian origin. The other six claimed British nationality. It was not until the onset of World War II that Asian traders began to take up stores on Cha Cha Cha road"


ABERMAN, I. - bakers, general dealers
ADSHEAD, S.D. - town planning 1930
BAIN, H. - motor garage
BAKER & Co - general dealers
BOWLING - town planning 1933
COUNSELL, A. - hotelier
CREED & Co - general dealers
DELAPORTE, J.N - bootmaker, general dealers
DIAMOND, V.S. - motor garage
DOORNFONTEIN - Makeni farm
FISCHER, S. - general dealers
GLASSER, Benjamin - first shop 1908, baker, general dealers
HADDEN, C.S. - solicitor
HAJIPETROU, George - George compound named after his farm on this site, later Andrew's Motel owner
HASLETT, S. - auctioneer
HOBSON - transport business
HOWARD, John - bought some of Nel's land to open John Howard & Co quarry
KOLLENBERG & Son - general dealers, millers
LOVELL, A.G. - butcher
MARRAPODI, G.B. - Italian contractor on railway, establishes lime-burning industry 1911
MARSTON's hotel
MORETON - store, Cairo Rd.
MORTON - lime worker
NEL, J.D - Chawama compound area bought from BSA in 1914
PAAINEERS Rust - early Makeni farm, now Moomba Farm 397
ROBERT's compound - Robert was a farm overseer
ROSENFIELD, N. - Agents, general dealers
ROSSAZA - lime worker
SCHAPIRO, D. - general dealers
TEAGLE - Makeni plot
THATCHER - transport business with Hobson
TURNER - Makeni plot
WOLPOWITZ, S. - butchers

Rhodesia directory,
Hobson, Dick - Lusaka, story of a capital city (another Hobson book I was not aware of...)

and others

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